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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers in Naples, FL - Dr. Andrew Kaldany, DMD

A bright, uniform smile is easier to achieve now more than ever. Whether you’re unhappy with your teeth due to misalignment, staining, or minor chips, our dental office offers customized solutions to correct these cosmetic imperfections. Veneers are an effective and nonintrusive way for you to enhance your smile. 

Dr. Andrew Kaldany and our dedicated team provide quality dental veneers in Naples, FL. If you have questions about improving the appearance of your teeth, contact us today.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Veneers are thin porcelain shells designed to recreate the look of natural tooth enamel. To accommodate a proper fit, we smooth theSmiling young woman against white background surface of your tooth and bond the custom-made appliance to it. This provides you with renewed strength, stability, and beauty. 

Veneers offer a great alternative to orthodontic treatments, allowing you to solve alignment issues permanently without waiting years for braces to correct alignment. They also resolve alignment relapse for those who previously wore braces.

Some patients want whiter teeth, but have stains beneath their enamel, rendering teeth bleaching ineffective. Veneers mask intrinsic stains since the thin shell is customized to match the exact shade of your teeth. Additionally, veneers rejuvenate teeth with noticeable fillings, chips, or cracks, providing uniformity and beauty. 

A Strong and Beautiful Smile

Dr. Kaldany offers restorations manufactured from porcelain, one of the strongest materials used. Porcelain veneers provide great strength and an attractive appearance for those with cosmetic concerns. These are a great option when a full crown isn’t needed but aesthetic improvements are warranted.

Electing to have veneers placed to mask imperfections in your smile is a minimally invasive process that can be completed in as little as two visits. After our team has successfully completed the procedure, you’ll be given comprehensive care instructions so your cosmetically enhanced smile will remain beautiful for years to come.

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Cosmetic procedures such as dental veneers offer a conservative approach to aesthetic improvement. At our practice, Dr. Kaldany and our entire dedicated team appreciate the artistic nature of dentistry. We provide quality veneers to patients in Naples, FL and the surrounding communities. Call our office today to set up an initial consultation and see how veneers can significantly improve your smile!